Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Thing 23: Making it All Work Together

Image result for flipboard icon 

Well would you look at that...I have made it to Thing 23.  It feels great!  What an experience it has been, all of that knowledge shared.  Much appreciation to all of those who compiled the course I have enjoyed learning about all of these new things, reading other blogs and feeling like I am involved with a bigger library community.  It has been tough at times but also so worthwhile.

To put all of that knowledge to some use will be the next challenge. 

Finding out about Flipboard as a social media management tool is one step there.  I really like the look and feel of Flipboard.  It was easy to get started, I downloaded the app to my iPhone and was able to add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn along with some topics of interest to me.  I will need to play around with it to get more familiar with how it works but so far I'm impressed and can see myself using it regularly.

Thing 22: Mobile Things


I have an iPhone so I downloaded the Gum app and have been playing with it a bit.  It recognised the barcode of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green but I could only find one previous comment which had been 'stuck' one year ago.  I must be doing something wrong, I was expecting this to be a hive of activity as it is a popular book.  For the Game of Thrones by R.R. Martin I was the first one here.  Definitely there is something up!  I like the concept of Gum, it reminds me of when I ran a Reader to Reader Recommendation in the library using plain ol pencil and paper, it got people interested and involved.  

The iPhone is probably the most used gadget that I own, even though I also gadgets but still feel a bit inadequate when it comes to technology??!  As the iPhone is with me at work I would use it during the day but even if I am doing something work related on the iPhone it still looks bad, like I'm just playing with my phone when I should be doing real work on the computer.  

I don't know too much about the beacon technology.  At the moment we rely on updating Facebook and Twitter and our own website to promote events.  If patrons sign up with their email address they can be notified about books that need to be renewed and we are working on collecting email addresses to promote upcoming events such as movie nights, storytime, craft activities etc.  The only drawback I can see is that regular visitors to the library will be aware of upcoming events anyway from our own promotion in the branch. We need to get the message out to everybody, especially those that are not regular visitors.

I love the idea of 23 Mobile Things and will take a look at it in more detail once I have finished with these 23 Things!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Thing 21: Infographics

This was fun.  Infographics is something that I really like. Short and snappy and to the point, no messing, just how I like it.

For my infographic I used and created a fun infograpic about my doggies.  How it would compare to excel or powerpoint I'm not sure but its good to know that I can use it if I need to.

Milly and Gnasher

Thing 20: Presentations

As a recent convert to all things Google, here is my presentation using Google Slides. The presentation is about Google Scholar.  I had to do a review of it recently for my MLIS course and it was handy to use all that acquired information.  Using Google Slides was a new experience for me and it was all good.  I found it very easy to use and really like the choice of templates available.

Thing 19 - The Legal Side of Things

Image result for creative commons

To explore the idea of Creative Commons I went onto the website  to see a list of organisations who use it.  By browsing on the site I found a listing of  galleries, museums, libraries and archives who use creative commons that looked interesting.

The National Gallery in Denmark has released a collection of images that will now be freely available for users for any purpose and are free of copyright.  I had a good look at this website but found it difficult to find any images to use.

Creative Commons (CC) licensing is also available on the Tate website though it does not apply to everything on their  website yet, you have to look out for the Creative Commons link underneath an image to tell you if an image is available under Creative Commons and what type of Creative Commons licence applies. Just like the National Gallery in Denmark and the National Portrait Gallery I found most of the images difficult to find.

This image of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose on the beach, Juan-les-pins, September 1937 was taken from the Tate Gallery website.

 Eileen Agar ‘Photograph of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose on the beach’, September 1937
© Tate

By accepting the terms and conditions on the site I was then free to copy the picture below from the National Portrait Gallery.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Thing 18 - Communicating Through Photographs

After a bit of hassle I finally did get to open a Flickr account, as it is linked to Yahoo it made things a bit tricky for me but not to worry, here is a lovely picture I found of a library with a creative commons licence.

But in the meantime isn't Instagram lovely!  Nice and easy to use, no trouble with opening an account and so much to see.  I have left comments on many library accounts but no replies just yet. All that waiting around gave me a chance to see what Kim Kardashian is up to...oh dear I have no restraint...all these images are so distracting!  
We have a Twitter and Facebook account at work which is updated regularly on our website but no Instagram.  I will suggest we give it a trial period for when we are promoting our library events.